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Tiger Tape— A Guide for evenly spaced stitches

Great for straight line quilting, buttonhole stitch and any craft that needs a guide. Finally, Purr-fect stitches every time!

Tiger Tape 1/4-9 Header

Marked at 9 or 12 lines/inch and is 1/4" wide. Great for straight line quilting. This is my most popular size. Just follow the lines to make purrfect stitches every time!
Tiger Tape 9 visualTigre tape 9 or 12 Visual
Price $8.55/30 yard roll
Tiger tape 1/4-12 Header
Big Stitch Style Header

NEW! Big Stitch Style: Use pearl cotton 8 thread and a size 5 needle to make your big stitches. It's fast and it's easy. At the pair of lines, go down a line and up a line with the needle and the big stitches will be on top of the quilt. You'll love the look and the hand quilting goes really fast. The tape is 1/4 inch wide and has 30 yards on a roll. It is reusable. Price $8.55
Tiger Tape Big Stitch Visual

Tiger Tape 1/4-4 (shown on left side) is marked at 4 lines/inch and is great for the Buttonhole stitch. Also use to teach children how to quilt, sew and top stitch. Price $8.55. reusable

Blanket Stitch Visual
Long Arm Tiger tape Header

3/4" wide Machine Tiger Tape marked at 1/4" increments used by the big quilting machines for crosshatching. Price $10.99/30 yard roll.

Flex 9 Tiger Tape Header

Flex 9 and Flex 12

Purrfect for gentle curves.
1/16" wide
Flex Tiger Tape Visual
Price is $8.55/30 yard roll reusable.

Flex 12 Header

Tiger tape 1/2-12 Header

Tiger Tape also comes in 1/2" width and is marked at either 9 or 12 lines/inch. This specialty tape is great for cross-hatching.
Crosshatch visual
Price $10.99/30 yard roll. reusable.
Crosshatch 1/2-9

Triangle Tiger Tape Header

Price $11.25/two 15 yard rolls

Triangle Tiger tape Visual




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